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  Is Moderation Censorship?
In my search to find out the difference between moderation and censorship, I came upon a bit of wisdom that applied to me:

"Moderation methods should not be portrayed or viewed as censorship or the presence of the “Thought Police”. When moderation is approached from a more proactive angle it becomes a valuable asset rather than a discouraging element."


When I first started moderating forums, my ideas were simple:

1.) Curve arguments into constuctive dialog.
2.) Regular moving/deleting/editing of posts.
3. ) Keeping a moderate atmosphere where everyone is welcome to participate within predominantly universal well-intentioned guidelines.
4. ) Being able to show people not familiar with forum/website/internet use an open and entertaining way to spend time, learn, laugh.

But, when one of the forum members called moderation "censorship", I am now fighting with myself if it is.

How can I differ from censorship and moderation when the duties of (forum) moderation seem so like censorship?

What is the defining factor?

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  With some major communities shutting their doors, are online communities a thing of the past?  
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