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  What is Stickiness?
I have heard the term "adding stickiness” to a site. What does that mean?

“Stickiness” is a buzzword that is used to describe a way to attract individuals and keep them coming back for more. People are most likely to keep returning to a site that offers good content, useful features and a place where they can exchange ideas and gain support from other people similar to themselves. Once people find a good site, a place that they can call their own, they will repeatedly visit and share that site with their friends.

Adding “stickiness” to a site can be as easy as adding a message board, an interactive feature, such as a poll where people can share their opinion on a rotating topic, a topical chat room, (topical meaning a chat centered around a certain topic) or a mailing list for the exchange of ideas. Whatever component is chosen, it is important to remember to develop clear-cut guidelines for participation and consistent interaction to spur continued use.

- Jon Nix and Pam Thomas
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