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  Live Events vs. Regular Chat?
I am interested in holding a live event on my site, but I am wondering what is the difference between holding in a regular chat room vs. a live event auditorium?

A regular chat room is open for all participants to speak at anytime. For live events it is recommended that they occur in an auditorium that enables the audience to ask questions of the speaker in a choreographed manner. A live event auditorium allows the moderator to screen questions from the audience before presenting them for the guest speaker to answer. This helps with the flow of the exchange, helps to control the quality of the event, filters the questions/comments to avoid any potentially damaging comments from being submitted, and assists the guest speaker in presenting their information. In a regular chat room the guest’s responses and many of the members’ questions may get lost in the idle chitchat. Plus, in a regular chat room you are unable to control the comments that are made, thus leaving your live event/guest open to derogatory comments that will not only make your guest feel bad, but will also ruin the tone of the event.

- Jon Nix and Pam Thomas
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