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  Finding Community Resources for Moderators?
You answered where communities go to find message board moderators. I am wondering where the message board moderators go to find the communities. Are there specific newsgroups out there? I haven't found them, but would love to find one.

Thank you so much for your great question - we hope that our answer below helps you in a practical sense to follow some suitable leads. If you are looking for communities to work in as a moderator then there are several avenues you might explore, some of which might require some leg work.

First of all, you can use search engines to search for sites which contain message boards with moderators. These might provide opportunities for your involvement. A search on one of the major search engines for a phrase like "message forum moderator" or "moderated forum" will bring up a list of likely possibilities. You can also search for the name of one of the brands of software which might be used as a forum.

Second, think of your own interests or expertise and find sites which you feel are suited to those qualities or qualifications. Many of them may have message boards which you could offer your services to. If they don't have forums but you believe that you can contribute then get in touch with them to explain what you do and how you might assist. At the very least you will place yourself in the site owner's mind and perhaps plant a seed for the future.

Third, for paid moderation work, you could also approach community development companies to see if they recruit moderators either for their own business or on behalf of their clients. If you can't reach community site owners directly, then this would be the next best thing. Bear in mind that many community development companies will require that your legal status as a moderator be that of an "Independent Contractor". Do ensure that you can fulfill that criteria before you approach them.

If it is a community for moderators that you are looking for to exchange ideas, personal or humorous stories, gain support and ask questions of other moderators, we have compiled the following links to some active newsgroups and a link to great newsletter that we hope you will find useful.

Moderators Weekly


Online Facilitation

Online Community Report Newsletter

We wish you the very best of luck in your search for moderator resources/communities and thank you for your question. Most importantly, we appreciate the efforts you and all moderators make daily on the internet to keep it a safer place.

- Jon Nix and Pam Thomas
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