Issue 12
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1) Featured Question and Answer: "Online Presentation Q&A?"
2) Your Community Answer: Blogging: The ultimate form of online community expression or the ultimate in mundane self-absorption? 
3) Community Wire: Enlightening Experience in Conflict Resolution
4) Community Voice: New Tailored, Confidential Community Development Service Launched.
This issue's quote: "I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man that had no feet." - Unknown

Featured Question and Answer
"Online Presentation Q&A?"
We recently received the following question from a visitor;
In an online presentation how do we handle the question and answer session?
To view our suggestions, please visit: "Online Presentation Q&A?"
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Your Community Answer
Blogging: The ultimate form of online community expression or the ultimate in mundane self-absorption? 
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Community Wire
Enlightening Experience in Conflict Resolution
When you moderate or manage a community, often times you are faced with the not so pleasant task of having to deal with conflict between members or community staff. In our travels as consultants, we too have been faced with the questions and dilemnas of how to effectively resolve issues and conflicts.
We had the fortunate opportunity to expand on the techniques we have used in the past via an online conflict resolution training. It was an enlightening, and even validating experience, one that we wish to share some of what we gained with you.
When trying to resolve issues or conflicts, whether personal or professional, offline and online it is important to think of the following:
1) It is important to get to the crux of the issue, and read between the lines when someone is sharing their anger of frustration. Often times, it is not what a person says, but how they say it that can impart what they are feeling.
2) Ask clarifying and not accusatory questions to get to the issue. Remember when you were a child, and how everything was a wonder. When you had a question, you would ask. When you are trying to get to the bottom of a conflict, ask questions with a "childlike curiousity".
3) Be an empathetic listener. What does that mean? The means having the ability to hear and understand what the other person(s) is saying. Feeling what they feel, which does not necessarily mean agreeing. Most importantly, be sure to really listen to the other person(s) feelings, rather than thinking of your response while they are talking.
4) Repeat the person's thoughts to ensure that you are clear on what they have said. This will also show the other person that you were listening and actively wish to help resolve the problem.
5) Try to collaborate to come up with a solution together. Collaboration will help all parties resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner.
Remember, there is not a problem out there that does not have some sort of solution or resolution.
Should you wish to receive further information on conflict resolution strategies, please do feel free to contact us; or you are also welcome to visit the following past answers:

Community Voice
New Tailored, Confidential Community Development Service Launched.
We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest service Community Answers Plus (CA+). CommunityAnswers Plus is a cost-effective service that provides rapid and tailored responses to your community questions.
"Wait!", we hear you cry, "What happened to the free advice?!". Not a thing. That's right, we will continue to provide the same high-quality, zero-cost answers we always have!  Our charge with Community Answers Plus is to provide a  service for individuals who wished to share information regarding their community issues in a confidential setting and gain personalised solutions without having to sign a resource zapping contract that required a six or 12 month committment.

Further information about Community Answers Plus is available at but here are the highlights:

Quick - you get comprehensive answers within 48 hours.
Tailored - your specific situation is handled individually and personally.
Confidential - your information and details are absolutely secure.
Flexible - you choose the kind of service you want.
Professional - you are guaranteed the expertise and experience of seasoned community professionals.
Cost Effective - you save money with our multiple packages.

The service is available in three ways: as a one-off single session, as a package of three sessions, or a package of five. You choose how you would like us to respond to your question, either via messaging in your very own private area, via online chat consultation or by telephone.

We hope that you will give the online demonstration a try and perhaps utilize Community Answers PlusDo continue to enjoy our free services, as we look forward to assisting you with your community answers.

If you have any questions about CommunityAnswers or CommunityAnswers Plus please e-mail us;

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