Issue 13
In this issue of conduit:
1) Featured Question and Answer: "ISP Ban?"
2) Your Community Answer: What role should ISPs take in assisting web site owners and/or community managers in upholding the site's terms of service? 
3) Community Wire: Assorted Community News
This issue's quote: "They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." - Andy Warhol

Featured Question and Answer
"ISP Ban?"
Having to remove a member from your community is never an enjoyable experience, as one Community Answers' visitor has found...
How do you convince ISP's to take action against their users that violate our (and subsequently their) terms of service? 
To view our suggestions to this dilemma, please visit: "ISP Ban?"
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Your Community Answer
What role should ISPs take in assisting web site owners and/or community managers in upholding terms of service on a site ? 
What is your opinion? Share it with us.

Community Wire
Assorted Community News
Friends Reunited Announce First Weddings

Ananova reports that community web site "Friends Reunited", which boasts around 5 million users, has announced that it is to see its first wedding success story - in fact, two of them. The site seeks to reunite old school friends, ex-colleagues and romantic interests via the use of a message board upon which individuals can post their requests for others to get in touch and to share their reminiscences.

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UK Becomes a Nation of E-mail Senders

It's official, almost. A recent study by NetValue UK found that e-mail overtook traditional mail for the first time this January. According to the research 550 million e-mails were sent and received by UK homes, nearly 300 million more than the domestic amount handled by the Royal Mail. The UK also tops the European league for e-mail sending, above France and Germany.

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