Issue 14
In this issue of conduit:
1) Featured Question and Answer: "Community Implications of Article 14 of the European E-commerce Directive?"
2) Your Community Answer: Does content liability worry you?
3) Community Wire: Man Saved By Fellow Community Members
This issue's quote: "Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that sometimes he has to eat them." - Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.

Featured Question and Answer
"Implications of Article 14 of the European E-commerce Directive to Online Community?"
The following important question was raised in relation to community sites in Europe and content liability. We believe our answer may be of interest to all community sites when it comes to preventing legal issues.
What would you say is the implication of the Article 14 of the European E-commerce Directive on the moderation of the community and how should it affect our approach to managing online community?
~Are you looking for information on a particular community building issuePlease visit our searchable archive of past question and answers.

Your Community Answer
Does content liability in general worry you?
Share your views with us!

Community Wire
Man Saved By Fellow Community Members
Last week Ananova reported how members in a chatroom helped to save a man's life during a suicide attempt by piecing together the information that he had shared with them in the course of his participation in their community. The man entered the chatroom sharing with members how he felt lonely and wondering what dose of pills would be enough to prove lethal.
Read the full story to find out how members of an online community saved his life.

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