Issue 15
In this issue of conduit:
1) Featured Question and Answer: "Building An IT Community for Young People?"
2) Your Community Answer: What is the biggest challenge for teen communities?
3) Community Wire: Community Answers is named Site of the Week by Internet Magazine.
This issue's quote: "To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe." - Marilyn vos Savant

Featured Question and Answer
"Building An IT Community for Young People?"
A visitor is in the process of developing an IT community for youth and asked the following question:
"I want to set up an IT educational community for young Arabs in the age group 12-16. What should be my most important considerations?"
To read our response, please visit: "Building An IT Community for Young People ?"
~Are you looking for information on a particular community building issuePlease visit our searchable archive of past question and answers.

Your Community Answer
What is the biggest challenge for teen communities?
We are interested in what you think might be special issues to address when it comes to communities for teens and the younger audience. Share your thoughts .

Community Wire
Community Answers is named Site of the Week by Internet Magazine.
This past week we received a wonderful surprise when Internet Magazine named Community Answers "Site of the Week ".
Based on the constructive input in Kim Gilmour's review article we have made a change to our archive area. You will notice that past questions and answers are now grouped by keyword "themes" which we hope will help to make browsing the archive easier. You can still view all archived articles in one go, of course, if you prefer.
We are always striving to improve the site and so we welcome feedback from our visitors and subscribers. In the next issue of the conduit we will provide a survey to gain your feedback on the site and the newsletter, and how we might be able to improve them.
Thank you for your continued support of Community Answers.

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