Issue 28

In this issue of conduit:

1) Featured Question and Answer:"Best Use of Boards?"
2) Your Community Answer: What criteria would you use when considering message board/forum/topic removal?
3) Community Wire: Virtual Healthcare Producing More Educated Consumers

This Issue's Quote: "Too bad the only people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair." - George Burns  

Featured Question and Answer:

"Best Use of Boards?"

When to consolidate or remove boards/topics is the topic for this issue. We were asked the following question: 

"I am the online community manager for a community of mothers and manage over 400 moderated message boards. I want to accommodate the myriad tastes and interests of our members, but don't want dead boards which infer a dead community. I'd like to hear from other community managers about their criteria for killing or consolidating a message board. Thanks.

Read our response; "Best Use of Boards?".

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Your Community Answer

What criteria would you use when considering message board/forum/topic removal?

What are your thoughts? Please share your opinion in our recent poll.  

Community Wire

Virtual Healthcare Producing More Educated Consumers

A recent survey reported that more patients are benefitting from the use of the internet when it comes to their own healthcare. It indicated that individuals are utilizing the web to obtain disease information and become better informed regarding treatment options. Since the internet provides an easy and convenient means for exchange, participants shared that they would welcome the opportunity to correspond with their physicians online, as well as schedule appoints or refill prescriptions.

Could this be the healthcare wave of the future?

For more information, please read; "Report finds the internet is changing healthcare."

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