Issue 9
Welcome to the ninth issue of conduit. We hope that this issues finds everyone well.
Discussions about children's safety on the Internet seem to be forever topical - it's an issue which should concern us allWe hope the information provided in our Featured Question assists parents, community managers, moderators and site owners alike.
Many of you may have read a recent news item about a woman being sued for something she said in a chat room. Alongside some other cases involving both chat and message board postings, this poses some important questions about community participation, legal responsibility and freedom of speech. Be sure to check out the article and render your opinion in our latest poll.
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This issue's quote:  "There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest." - Elie Wiesel

In this issue of conduit:
1) Featured Question and Answer"My Child's Safety?"
2) Your Community Answer: Do YOU consider the legalities of what you might say in a chat room or message board?
3) Community Wire: "Woman Sued Over Chat Room Criticism": What about the freedom of expression?
Featured Question and Answer
A concerned parent recently posed the following question to Community Answers:
"My ten year-old likes to use the internet and has found a site to chat on. How do I ensure that he is safe in the chat room?"
Whether you are a parent or not, please read our answer entitled, "My Child's Safety?"

Your Community Answer
A woman is being sued for comments she made in a chat room Other individuals have been sued for comments they have made in message boards.  Past court judgements do not seem to clarify the issue of what is legally defensible and what is not. Do YOU consider the legalities of what you say in a chat room or post to a message board?
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Community Wire
Woman Sued Over Chat Room Criticism
Recently, a woman made comments in a Yahoo! chat room about the executive director of the Atlanta Humane Society. The Atlanta Humane Society is now suing her for $75,000 on the grounds that she defamed him. She referred to the director as "Mr. Kill" and said that he was "not worthy to lick the dog or cat poop off our shoes. He is evil and it is time for the Atlanta rescue community to unite in ending his long and tragic career.''

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